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Harper Morgan is proud to support and promote the work of The Worshipful Comapny of Security Professionals

Our founder, Wes Harper is proud to be part of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP).

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals is the 108th Livery Company of the City of London. It is a non-profit making organization providing education and health services to members of the security profession.

The big thing holding back SME security businesses

Many security businesses stay small either by choice, or because they start chasing growth in the wrong places.

10 things that make your security business more valuable than your competitors

The value of your company is partly determined by the industry you are in. For example, cloud-based software companies are generally worth a lot more than traditional manufacturing companies these days.

I’m in IT

Under the GDPR, in order to maintain security organisations should evaluate the risks inherent in their processing activities and implement measures to mitigate those risks, such as encryption.

How IP impacts physical Access Control

This paper examines the impact of IP technology on the Access Control Sector of the industry which has yet to fully adopt IP and is still several years behind that of CCTV.

In looking at the adoption of IP-enabled devices on the video surveillance market we can draw parallels as to how the advances of network based technology may follow a similar path in the world of access control. We will examine the reasons for this and look at some of the emerging IP based technologies that are gaining traction in the world of access control.

How Security is used within a Data Centre

In this article we introduce the concepts and technologies to consider when deploying physical security in a data centre. The latest IP based security devices coming onto the market have enabled security practitioners to deploy both IT and physical security onto converged IP platforms. This article looks at the considerations when designing a physical security system, and how IP technologies can be deployed to remove threats and improve site operational management of staff, visitors and contractors.

Leveraging Existing Structured Cabling Infrastructure to Deploy Security Systems

This whitepaper looks at how the move to IP based security products and the fast growth in business applications, now means that end users are demanding an increased level of integration between their video, audio and data. All of which needs to be delivered over a single, standardised structured cabling system.

Migrating from Analogue to IP

This paper has been written to help professional security installers to understand the options available when assessing the effectiveness of their existing building security systems and how they can migrate their physical security from analogue to network based systems.

Six steps to successfully designing and planning an IP CCTV system

The six steps covered in this paper provide advice on selecting the right equipment, an evaluation of the available technology and help with the choices that need to be made. The additional design considerations for IP CCTV cover bandwidth, network transmission, storage, applications plus how it will integrate with video management software.

Understanding Ethernet switching for traditional security professionals

This whitepaper is designed to help security installers who are already familiar with the traditional transmission methods used in analogue CCTV systems to understand the area of Ethernet switching and data transmission in network based CCTV systems.



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