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Highlight Overview

What we do

Highlight monitors network and applications service performance for your organisation, in real time, 24x7. We measure the performance of the services you buy from external providers, and internal IT, through a single pane of glass which is easy to use by non-technical and technical personnel. Total transparency, business-level reporting enabling better decision regarding your network and applications infrastructure.

Continuous testing

Highlight uses cloud-based collectors, or small remote agents placed inside your network, to continuously monitor load, health and stability of your infrastructure. We’ve tuned the testing to collect what’s relevant, and ensure a negligible load on the network.

Cloud processing

Collected data is encrypted and sent to our cloud platform, where Highlight identifies load, stability and health issues arising and displays the status in real-time. There are no servers to install, or complex software to maintain and upgrade. 

In depth-reporting

From a browser, anywhere – a clear, real-time or historical picture of the performance status of your network and applications. As an enterprise, you can share this business-level visibility around your organisation. 

Improve your business

Delivering the best experience to your customers means knowing how your services are performing, whether that’s your own IT, or the increasing list of Services you buy-in. Highlight delivers visibility, simply and clearly, reducing the mean time to resolve many common issues.

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