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Springtime at SPS


SPS Alarms and Smoke detectors help convict arsonist

Our swift response to an alarm activation from our CCTV alarms and smoke detectors contributed to the preservation of the building and conviction of an arsonist in the Bradford area. Click here to learn more about our CCTV and alarm systems.

Insurance compliant services

AXA approved SPS Inspection services, CCTV void alarms, and letterbox seals…

“SPS STEEL is the real deal”, said one property manager, echoed by Head of Security of one of the largest trade suppliers in the UK.

Several large commercial operations are using SPS Steel as standard as well as inspection services and SPS void alarms, especially when they have long term vacant issues.

And yes… this really is Nick Knowles, famous DIY expert working in one of our secured properties.

Letterbox seals…
Sometimes it’s the first thing an asset manager thinks of when they become responsible for a void property; sometimes it’s the last thing on their mind.

When they are made responsible for a site, our unique letterbox covers are a subtle, effective and secure way of preventing arson through letterboxes – FACT!

Like everything we do, this is a high quality product, providing an effective solution for under 50p a day.

SPS is YOUR response centre… and a recognised National outsourcer ready to take your calls

Help us manage bad behaviour

SPS delivers call handling services to your unique requirements. We are proud of the help that we give to your business and we ask that you please support us with maintaining good standards of behaviours – like one customer did, last month.

SPS call centre staff don’t tolerate bad language, bad behaviour or any form of abuse. However, yet again some of the SPS call centre staff were subjected to some very bad language which can be upsetting, distressful and is not necessary!
We are trained to be courteous and polite, professional and friendly , but unfortunately three call handlers experienced repeat issues last week. Well done to the SPS team who were impacted from this episode and for maintaining composure. A massive thank you to our customer and their support who addressed the situation after approaching the tenant and giving him the support he needed, allowing him to cope better when things don’t go the way you want them to. Team work!

Communal doors… movies are on their way…

Check out our Tweed, Moray and Tay Doors, all making an appearance in next week’s communal door movie.

Clear and clean services

We are busy, but we can handle more… don’t look past us and give us a try. Some free trials are available for some Framework members so you can see what service levels you get before you buy.
On average, SPS receives 5500 calls a week. Many of these calls relate to repairs, cleans and reactive security. We despatch teams across the UK from our seven depots, responding to an average of 640 clean and clear orders a month and in excess of 350 security events a week. While we supply and install our own SPS Communal Doors, we also perform repairs up and down the country averaging 100 doors a month

And Finally,

We are on the tele…ITV no less! Yes our steel features in a major hit series…the producers have several of our items and we wait in anticipation for the products to be seen on a very famous cobbled Street in the North of England!