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Harper Morgan to deliver security status service



Security consultancy Harper Morgan has signed an exclusive partnership with Highlight to introduce its network and application performance services to the security market.

Wes Harper, Founder and Managing Director of Harper Morgan says, “Highlight is an ideal addition to the services delivered by corporate security teams, large security system integrators and security consultancies. As these providers deliver more and more systems based on distributed environments, with networked video and enterprise access control systems, it’s essential that the networks are robust. With Highlight, security professionals can monitor the underlying network performance to ensure all cameras and access control points are working effectively.”

Highlight is a cloud-based service that monitors the real-time status of multiple locations and services to deliver a summary of stability, load and health within a single pane of glass view. Security integrators can use the system to improve the performance of their existing sites, ensuring bottlenecks or network overloads are identified and sorted quickly before an issue arises.

Security design consultants can also use Highlight during the design and implementation phase to certify that the networks and connections are robust enough to carry data from security systems.