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Axis and Genetec partner to offer enhanced data encryption capabilities


Through its partnership with Genetec, Axis now offers three solutions to safeguard video data through advanced encryption, ensuring video, audio and data content is protected from the moment it’s captured until it is displayed.

In today’s connected world, a common recommendation is for all security data in transit over a network to be encrypted. In 2018 Axis and Genetec announced a new level of secure integration based on Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP). Together with long-standing Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) offerings, this solution is one of three ways to encrypt network video streams using an Axis and Genetec system.

While data security is a priority on the agenda of every business, understanding how to best protect different types of data can be challenging. Data associated with surveillance needs to be secure from the point of capture by the camera or sensor, communication across the network, display on a video management system and storage on the server.

Axis recommends creating security policies associated with every network technology deployed within an enterprise. It should define which data in a network is sensitive, so it can be properly protected when in transit.