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Another life saving hero at SPS


While we are always proud of the team here at SPS, every so often, they exceed our expectations. Whilst handling calls out of hours, working from the SPS contact centre in Glasgow, Jasmine heard enough on a call with a Yorkshire Housing tenant to determine she was having an epileptic fit.

Quick thinking Jasmine called an ambulance who took her to the nearest hospital for treatment. We learned later that the resident was kept in and discharged when all was well.
This is the second time an SPS operative was directly involved in saving lives. Just under a year ago, Andy McKay could see from one of the SPS cameras that an elderly resident had fallen and was unable to get up.
Andy called an ambulance and guided the emergency services to his exact spot where he was rescued and settled after his ordeal.
There are true heroes here at SPS so we wanted to shout loud and proud, and recognise their fantastic actions and behaviours, going above and beyond the call of duty.